International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2013


Three Belgians  will be at the Start

Three mushers,  The Inuit Trail (MBEL)’s members, will participate to this race.  Vincent Koedoot and Tristan Koedoot will race each with a 6 dog’s team. One in purebred class en the other one in open class. Joppe will race in skijoring with 1 of 2 dog’s team (purebred class).

Trois Belges seront sur la ligne de départ

Trois mushers, membre de The Inuit Trail (MBEL), participerons à cette course. Vincent Koedoot et Tristan Koedoot vont courir, chacun, avec un attelage de 6 chiens. Un en classe pure et l’autre en classe ouverte. Joppe Put va courir en Skijoring avec 1 ou 2 chiens (classe pure race).

Drie Belgen zal zijn op de startlijn

Drie mushers, leden van  The Inuit Trail (MBEL), zullen deelnemen aan deze race. Koedoot Vincent en Tristan Koedoot zal lopen, elk met een team van zes honden. Een in zuiver ras klasse en een in open klasse. Joppe Put wordt uitgevoerd in skijoring met 1 of 2 honden (zuiver ras klasse).

VII International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2013

On Feb.16-24, 2013 will be the 7th time when the North Hope Sled Dog Center opens its doors to the participants and spectators of a unique event that has become traditional – annual International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2013 for the benefit of children. For the 7th time a small province in Kostroma region, Russia will turn into the center of life for where for the whole week the mind of its people will be occupied with one and o nly thought – which team flying through the fairytale woods will be the first at the finish life and what adventures are expecting it on the way.

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