Femundløpet starts on Thursday 31. January 2013


71845_104175052983223_6156684_nDanny Bulens is a member of VFS (MBEL)

Danny is a specialist in medium and long distances. This year Danny have trained and prepared  his dogs to run the Femundlopet  400 km in Norway. He will be at the starting line on February 2, 2013 and the end of the race will be between the 4 to 6 February at the latest.
Good luck to Danny and his team!

Danny Bulens est membre du VFS (MBEL)

Danny est un spécialiste des moyennes et longues distances. Cette année à Danny à entrainé et préparé ses chiens pour partciper à la Femundlopet 400 km en Norvége. Il sera sur la ligne de départ le 2 février 2013 et la fin de la course est prévue entre le 4 au 6 février au plus tard.
Bonne chance à Danny et son team!

Danny Bulens is lid van VFS (MBEL)

Danny is een specialist in middellange en lange afstanden. Dit jaar Danny opgeleid en voorbereid zijn honden deel te nemen aan de 400 km Femundlopet in Noorwegen. Het zal aan de start 02 februari 2013 en het einde van de race zal tussen 4-6 februari zijn uiterlijk.
Veel geluk voor Danny en zijn team!

The Femundlopet

The Femundløpet race is a long distance sleddog race that takes part in February in mid-Norway. The race starts in the colourful streets of the historic UNESCO world heritage mining town of Røros and teams mush through eight districts and the fascinating countryside of Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark counties.

There are three race categories you can compete in. One category is 600km long and you race with a 12 dog team. There are eight checkpoints, where you can rest your dogs and feed them. The second category is 400km long, has five checkpoints and is raced with an eight-dog team. Since 2012 we also have the Femund junior, This is a 6 dog race of 200km (with two checkpoints) and to participate mushers have to be between 15 and 17 years of age.

The Femundløpet is extremely challenging and mushers and dogs are faced with all the elements nature provides: Temperatures as low as -50C, high winds, snowstorms and whiteouts are just some of the things that add to the difficulty of this race. In addition mushers have to deal with sleepless nights, sleep deprivation, long hours of standing on the back of a sled, miles of running up hills to help the dogs and small trails through winding wood or over endless long lakes – in short – Femundløpet is tough!

Link to the Femundlopet


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